Tegan and Sara Concert

I hear a whispered voice
Full of childlike wonder
Excited to be in this place
To be with these people
To know her mother belongs
And by extension so does she
Her mother smiles
And quietly speaks
The queer community
It’s large and diverse
I see the smile on her face
Reflecting the joy
Radiating from her child’s face
Unobserved I find myself
Smiling in return
I understand the wonder
My eyes mirror the same

Standing in line
Quietly I watch
Sweet and so earnest
Yet wary to meet another’s eye
Trepidation visible in every pore
Would someone question
The choice of gendered washroom
What assumptions are being made
Our eyes quickly catch
I smile in welcome
Older femme to young, baby butch
I know the fear of assumptions made
Wish I had known myself that well
When I was still so young

My eyes are drawn in
Beautiful woman leans over
Shares a gentle kiss
With her much loved wife
Their tenderness obvious
Telegraphed across the distance
Of the sold-out theatre
My heart expands
With hope
Possibilities newly dreamed

The crowd is diverse
Encompassing gender, age
Sexuality and race
But visible across the spectrum
Whatever initial each of us claim
Our queerness is celebrated
Proudly proclaimed
In this space any need
To hide or pass
Far from our minds
These are our people
Music born from stories
That we call our own


Primarily written during intermission at the Tegan and Sara concert early in March 2014.